skin made beautiful

It’s no secret we love skin. We offer a selection of bespoke facials using innovative technology with modern skin and beauty science principles. Our skin treatments will take your complexion to a whole new level of skin health, radiant glow and clarity with a focus on ultimate relaxation and hydration. Our treatments will deliver a level of performance that will ultimately redefine your skin. Our facial treatments have been designed and continuously fine-tuned to progressively strengthen your skin, leaving it feeling re-energized and your senses invigorated. We don’t adopt a one size fits all approach. Instead we custom blend a bespoke skin treatment just for you. Our treatments combined with our relaxing salon, provide a unique and immersive experience that will help you relax, refresh, reconnect and nourish your soul.

Personalised Skin Consultation

Starting a new skin regime or looking for direction on where to start when it comes to skin health? 

This in-depth personalised skin consultation is recommended on your first visit with us. We will look at your skin using a diagnostic light identifying current skin concerns as well as detect any future concerns before they surface. You will leave with a skincare and treatment plan that is tailored to you to target and address your specific skin concerns and skin goals. We will educate and guide you the best way forward to optimize the health of your skin for now and in the future.

30 mins (complimentary with the purchase of two or more products on day)


Bespoke Signature Treatment

A decadent skin experience like no other. The Bespoke facial is our signature facial that is designed to deliver beautiful skin every time.

This facial has been meticiously fine tuned and curated using innovative technology with modern clinical skin and beauty principles. This bespoke prescriptive facial will deliver a level of performance that will ultimately redefine your skin and delivered in a calm and restorative atmosphere.

Our therapists will complete a thorough skin analysis and consultation to hand pick the best ingredients for this custom facial. Carefully prescribed, blended and curated, this facial uses a cocktail of Ultraceuticals, HydraFacial, Societe and Mesoesthetic products.

A thorough personalised deep cleanse under warm steam using lymphatic drainage techniques is performed followed by the Deluxe HydraFacial treatment.

Pores are deeply and thoroughly cleansed, a Glycolic Peel is infused to deep clean, exfoliate for a glowing radiance followed by extractions. A custom peptide and hyaluronic acid booster blend is applied, drenching the skin cells for complete hydration before you soak up the healing benefits of warming LED. We then perform our signature facial massage using melting massage techniques with a combination of lymph drainage, acupressure and contouring to tone and tighten muscles of the face, release tension and increase circulation and blood flow to the skin. The long and deeply relaxing massage includes shoulders, hands, and a blissful scalp massage. Skin is cocooned in an antioxidant rich mask while you drift away with a heavenly foot massage. The skin is left illuminated and radiant with the skin you’ve always dreamed of.




This luxurious facial is our creme de la creme signature treatment.

An exquisite treatment incorporating our deep cleansing signature techniques, deliciously refreshing blueberry polishing antioxidant peel to stimulate cell renewal and restore a youthful glow, oxygenating treatment for instant hydration and glow, extractions and mask therapy. This decadent facial combines potent active ingredients that are luxuriously infused into the skin, followed by a rich balm and melting massage techniques to the face, neck, shoulders, scalp, hands, arms and feet. The power of LED aids the infusion of actives while giving your skin cells a recharge radiating a plumpness and dewy glow that lasts for days. Reach a total state of bliss with this treatment and leave with skin that simply glows and radiates from the inside out.

75 mins



Ageing skin concerns are targeted in this precision ultra-nourishing and anti-oxidant rich facial.

Featuring triple-action anti-ageing
 powerhouse ingredients Vitamin A, C and a fruit enzyme polishing peel to dramatically plump and soften the skin, this treatment combines pure indulgence with the ultimate in skin rejuvenation, results and relaxation. This treatment actively works to reverse the visable signs of ageing by perfecting and refining the skin’s overall appearance.

Completely relax and unwind with a face, neck, shoulders and scalp massage. Integrated LED light therapy recharges the skin cells followed by a custom blend mask that is deeply infused into your skin while you drift away enjoying a hand and arm and foot massage.

60 mins



Recharge and refresh dehydrated, sluggish, tired looking skin with
this ultra hydrating and nourishing rich facial.

Whether it is deep pore cleansing, hydration, brightening or skin repairing that you are after, this multi-action facial works to address your skin’s individual needs. 
A gentle lactic polishing peel evens out top layers of the skin while potent antioxidants prevent external free radical damage.
 Skin plumping hyaluronic acid is deeply infused into the skin leaving an instant radiant glow. Unwind with an aromatic massage of the face, shoulders, neck and scalp. Boost your skin’s natural hydration with the warming benefits of LED light therapy stimulating collagen and elastin. An intensive mask infusion will complete the treatment as you indulge
in a hand and arm and foot massage. This facial will give your skin an instant moisture boost, balancing and restoring hydration levels and a beautiful glow to your complexion.

60 mins



This ultra-nourishing, antioxidant rich facial is designed for all skin types.

Using gentle and refreshing AHA blueberry peel to refresh and polish away the skin’s tired skin cells revealing fresh new skin, oxygenating peel for instant hydration and glow and a custom blend moisture mask to restore the skin’s hydration. Drift away with a scalp, shoulder, neck, hand and foot massage while the power of LED stimulates the natural collagen in your skin and recharges skin cells for a radiant glow. Your skin will simply glow and feel decadently soft.

60 mins



Delight your senses and invigorate your mind and body with this luxuriously relaxing facial for all skin types.

This decadent facial is for those who love massage and love to be completely indulged. A true pamper treatment with the emphasis on relaxation and a state of bliss. Includes deep cleansing, steam, AHA fruit enzyme exfoliation to refresh and brighten the skin, sensory melting massage using an exotic nut oil blend including massage to the face, neck, shoulders and scalp. A restoring mango seed buttery mask is then deeply massaged into your skin for complete hydration and skin balance. Leave feeling completely replenished and reconnected with an incredible glow.

60 mins



Give your skin a burst of powerful potent antioxidants while
 restoring vitality to the skin.

Refreshing blueberry antioxidant peel instantly hydrates and smoothes leaving the skin with a beautiful
 glow while the warming benefits of LED recharge the skin cells, stimulating collagen and elastin and stimulating the skin’s natural hydration levels. A restorative mask is deeply massaged into the skin while you unwind with a scalp, hand and foot massage. The skin is left with an enviable glow.

60 mins



Our ultra calming and ultra soothing facial is designed to target the triggers behind skin redness and inflammation.

This facial is for all skin types but in particular skin’s that are experiencing environmental, hormonal or emotional stress. Designed with the idea that less is more approach, this bespoke facial will significantly improve redness, inflammation and has an emphasis on strengthening the skin’s natural functioning process. Includes cleansing, a gentle fruit enzyme exfoliation to soften and dissolve skin build up, instantly calming and hydrating oxygenating mask and a custom blend calming mask. LED light therapy will recharge your skin cells and strengthen your skin leaving it feeling calm and soothed. Includes a relaxing shoulder, neck, scalp, hand and foot massage.

60 mins



Give your skin a surge in moisture with this facial that will
instantly hydrate your skin leaving it with a clear and glowing complexion.

Recharge dehydrated, tired, stressed, hormonal skin while stimulating new cell turnover. Fruit enzyme exfoliation combined with the hydrating benefits of oxygen revive dull skin. Sophisticated LED therapy enhances collagen stimulation, renergizes the skin and will instantly give the skin a moisture boost. Hydration is locked in with an intense moisture rich mask. Includes a shoulder, neck, scalp, hand and foot massage.

60 mins



Combining the benefits of fruit enzyme exfoliation, oxygen and LED light therapy to give you instantly glowing skin in a shorter amount
of time.

This illuminating facial treatment is ideal as a pick me up to refresh tired, dull, dehydrated skin with the healing benefits of LED to stimulate the skin’s natural hydration and allowing for collagen production. Unwind with a scalp and hand or foot massage while your skin cells recharge. The skin is left with a beautiful hydrating veil.

60 mins



Enhance your treatment by adding any of our skin-boosters

Healite LED


Customised Alginate Mask


Peptide Mask


Oxygenating Treatment




Fruit Enzyme Peel


Ultrasound Infusion






Lactic Peel


Face, neck and shoulder massage



Each of our anti-ageing facials are designed to target the signs of ageing, even out the skin tone and bring luminosity and strength to the skin. There is no downtime with these treatments and promises beautiful, glowing skin.


Brightening and Illuminating.

Designed for brightening and illuminating the skin, targeting the first signs of ageing, evening out skin tone and bringing luminosity to the skin.

This facial uses potent glycolic and salicylic ampoules combined with hyaluronic acid for deep exfoliation and hydration to the face and neck. It uses maximum levels of brightening and protective Vitamin C to induce the production of pro collagen and to prevent skin ageing. Includes an energizing facial massage, warming LED light therapy, hand and arm and foot massage. Skin will feel smooth, dewy and luminous with an even skin tone.

An ideal treatment for skins weakened by sun exposure, smoking, strict diets, or stress. Best suited for dull, aged, sun damaged, pigmented skins or for anyone wanting a beautiful healthy, hydrated glow.

For optimal results we recommended as a 5 session treatment pack $1350

60 mins



Anti-wrinkle and Regenerative.

This facial treatment of the face and neck is especially designed for smoother skin, with more elasticity.

It protects the life of the skin cells, improving their natural capacity to self-repair. The high concentrations of plant stem-cell extracts prolong the life of skin cells and repairs deep wrinkles. Vitamins C and E combat the degeneration of skin tissues whilst Aloe Vera stimulates cell growth. Skin is left feeling calm and regenerated. Includes a regenerative facial massage to allow deep penetration of active ingredients, warming LED light therapy, hand and arm and foot massage.

Best for skins with fine lines and wrinkles, dull, dehydrated, aged, pigment skins

What is the downtime?
There is no downtime with these treatments. You will leave with glowing, luminous skin.

How many treatment will I need?
You will see instant results after one treatment however we do recommend completing a series of 5 treatments once a fortnight to obtain the best results.

60 mins