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The Acnelan Peel is a unique intensive clinical treatment for acne-prone and seborrheic skin.

It combines a clinical treatment with at home care. Together, they target the triggers of acne and prevent reoccurance. It can be used in mild to severe acne and is effective at reducing active acne lesions, preventing the formation of new acne lesions and maintaining a healthy, balanced skin. It is a deep peel treatment of an m.acne complex ™ consisting of active ingredients that targets to unblock pores of the skin, removes impurities, improves skin texture and pigmentation, reduces pore size and inflammation.

The treatment plan consists of three in salon treatments and a home care range that maximizes and prolongs the results obtained in salon.

$1300 includes 3 peels and homecare products

  • Effective in reducing active acne
  • Prevents the formation of new acne
  • Maintains a healthy balance to the skin
  • Clears blocked pores
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Removes impurities
  • Improves overall skin texture and pore size

The Acnelan treatment is a three-stage process with no discomfort.

The skin is deep cleaned and pores cleared with a multi-factor mask. The mask contains a unique blend of active ingredients which work to remove excess oil and bacteria, decrease inflammation, and gently exfoliate the skin. Following the mask application, we neutralise the mask with a post-peel spray which soothes and balances the skin. We finish off with a pore sealing shield to further sooth and tighten the pores to prolong the effect of the Acnelan treatment.

The formula of the product line incorporates the innovative m.acne complex whose active ingredients create a synergy with cross-cutting effects on the different factors that trigger breakouts in acne-prone and seborrhoeic skin by:

  • Reducing the level of hormone involved in androgen excess related to acne-prone skins.
  • Clears the pilosebaceous canal.
  • Slows sebum production.
  • Controls bacterial proliferation.
  • Reduces and smooths inflammation

A minimum of three consecutive treatments is required for optimal results. This will be preformed every 21 days apart depending on your individual skin type and severity of the acne.

The treatment takes 30 mins, with 3 treatments in total carried out every 3 weeks.

To maintain the results of the Acnelan peel strict home care and maintenance is essential.

In more severe cases 2-4 treatment programs may need to be performed each year to completely resolve the acne. Dietary advice should be followed which we can discuss during the consultation process.

After the treatment there may be a mild heat sensation, some redness and irritation. The skin will peel over the next 3-5 days revealing smooth, clear skin.

It is important to follow the home care instructions following the treatment and individual results may vary. We recommend you complete the prescribed treatment plan to ensure optimal results.