Corrective Skin Treatments

At Elysium, our highly-trained skin therapists deliver corrective skincare treatments using the latest cutting-edge technology with skin and beauty science principles. Our corrective skincare treatments will slow down and reverse the signs of ageing. They can deliver results that can physically change the skin. They can alter the structure and function of the skin, with noticeable real changes and are therefore the only way to target specific skin concerns such as ageing, pigmentation, sundamage and acne. To achieve optimum results in superior skin health, these treatments need to be supported with prescribed homecare and a customised treatment plan.

Your first step will be a professional skin consultation to establish your concerns and expectations and to determine which treatment will be best suited for you.

Our skincare treatments will improve the natural functions of your skin and take your complexion to a whole new level of skin health, radiant glow and luminosity. Our treatments will deliver a level of performance that will ultimately redefine your skin. They have been tried and tested and are designed to progressively strengthen your skin creating maximum results with minimal downtime.




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