I love Elysium! I am 24 and have been seeing Anastasia since I had my very first wax when I was 12/13! All the girls are warm and caring and SO friendly! My skin has never been better. People are always asking me how it's so clear and glowing... The products the girls at Elysium have prescribed combined with my treatments have truly made my skin better and have made me feel more confident! For me, less is more, and I love that Anastasia and the girls know what's best for me! Thank you xox Kira

Kira, Bondi.

I have been coming to Elysium for over 2 years now. It is without a doubt the best salon I have ever found in Australia and also the UK! (where I am from originally). Elysium helped me in the lead up to my wedding to assist me in clearing my skin with a course of Mandelic Peels. The results were amazing and worth every penny! elysium facials provide great results but are also so relaxing. Thank you so much!

Aimee, Bronte.

Elysium is like a little oasis, time to relax and treat myself. I have suffered from Milia for many years, but since coming to Elysium, my skin has improved dramatically, with less Milia spots, and also my skin feels fresher and smoother. Anastasia has been so professional and seems truly concerned and pleased with the results also. Thank you to Elysium and to Anastasia in particular.

Jacqui, Coogee.

Two and a half years ago I came to Elysium with tears in my eyes about the state of my skin. It has improved dramatically! And the girls have looked after me through all the changes in my life without a problem. I love Elysium so much; the products, the staff, the service and most of all the caring non-ego approach to people. Cannot recommend this beautiful place highly enough.

Pip, Bronte.

I've had facials and they've been business class. I just flew first class with Anastasia. Her hands are amazing! Brilliant!

Jackie, Randwick.

Exceptional salon. I've been going to Elysium for over ten years and couldn't rate it more highly - I love the place so much I travel from the hills district to my appointments now having left the bubs five years ago. Anastasia and her team are so knowledgeable and thorough and the customer service and attention to detail is brilliant. Products and treatments are amazing and great value for money. The regular offers and points system really helps clients access ongoing treatments. I'm an old bird and my skin has never looked better.

Wendy, Orange.

The staff at Elysium are incredibly friendly and helpful, and excellent at their jobs. I will continue to come here even after I move out of the area.

Laura, Coogee.

I look forward to my monthly appointments at Elysium, and have been doing so for several years now. I enjoy coming to Elysium because I know I am going to be ‘pampered’. All the staff are warm, friendly and very welcoming on arrival. Anastasia directs a professional team committed to the highest standards of beauty therapy. The attention to detail and excellence in beauty care means my experience is continually of a very high standard. I am most definitely a customer for LIFE! Thanks to the team for meeting my needs on a continued basis!

Helen, Macmasters Beach.

A visit to Elysium is more than just another appointment – it is an experience. From the moment you enter the salon, you are greeted not only by the friendly team, but an all-encompassing feeling of relaxation, from the carefully chosen ambient music, to the soft scent of aromatic oils that float through the air. As a client who is extremely particular and cautious about my skin and body treatments, such is my faith and confidence in Anastasia and the team, that I not only trust their recommendations and services, but endorse them wholeheartedly. (And who would have ever thought you could actually anticipate your monthly waxing and also feel relaxed before, during and after the experience?!)

Alison, Randwick.

I have been a client at Elysium for more than 3 years. During this time my skin has improved dramatically. I changed from a maintenance skincare routine to results based anti-ageing skincare routine. My skin now has a more even complexion with a glow. When I come to Elysium it is my time out time. I am never disappointed with the service I am given. While I have favourite beauty therapists, all the therapists are of a very high standard. The professionalism and welcoming feeling I receive is the reason I remain a loyal Elysium customer. Keep up the great work to all the team at Elysium.

Melissa, Rosebery.

You are all fantastic! I just love coming at any opportunity for anything – it’s all great!

Karen, Coogee.

I have been coming to Elysium for more than 5 years. My skin always feels amazing after a treatment. Anastasia and her team are professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and their attention to detail is outstanding. They always make each appointment a special one, whether I’m having a wonderful relaxing facial treatment or waxing. Elysium is not just another beauty and skin care clinic, it is a little haven where you can relax and spoil yourself. Going to Elysium is always a treat for me.

Alison, North Randwick.

I have been seeing Anastasia from Elysium for nearly 5 years. Anastasia and the staff at Elysium have spoiled me from any other beauty therapist – they have set a benchmark that so far no other has been able to meet. The professional friendly nature that all staff show is second to none, their knowledge of products and treatments is extensive, the salon is always immaculate and my facials and massages leave me feeling unbelievably relaxed and exhilarated all at the same time! Anastasia takes such pride in her treatments always well prepared and explaining everything I need to know. Because she loves what she does, that is reflected in her treatments and I reap the rewards. I look forward to my treatments at Elysium as it always feels like a special treat.

Adette, Clovelly.

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